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Example of 5-4-2 Format

 Package NDC

 NDC to submit (Missing zero)

 xxxx-xxxx-xx (4-4-2)  0xxxx-xxxx-xx (5-4-2)
 xxxxx-xxx-xx (5-3-2)  xxxxx-0xxx-xx (5-4-2)
 xxxxx-xxxx-x (5-4-1)   xxxxx-xxxx-0x (5-4-2)

Another example:

  • Bottle/invoice says 1234-5678-90. This is a 4-4-2.
  • The section that doesn't fit the 5-4-2 submitting format is the first number section because it only contains four numbers.
  • A zero is placed at the beginning of that section, creating the correct 01234-5678-90.