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Well Child Care Center

What to expect at a checkup

Every child needs to see the PCP as they grow. Infants and young children need to follow the PCP’s recommended checkup schedule to help make sure they develop well. Once children turn 3, they should see their PCP for a checkup at least 1 time a year.

Every checkup is important. The PCP will check your child for different things based on how old they are. Your child will also get immunizations (shots). Shots help prevent serious diseases. Before they start school, many schools will check to be sure your child is up-to-date with shots.

Your child may also have the following checked during their checkup:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Sight (eyes)
  • Hearing (ears)
  • Blood pressure
  • Social, personal, language and movement skills
  • Eating habits and nutrition
  • Dental (teeth) health
  • Screening for lead before he or she turns 2 years old

Remember, if you need help making an appointment or need help getting to the PCP’s office, we can help. Call Member Services at 1-800-521-6860 or TTY 1-800-684-5505.