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Pregnancy Care Center

Jackie just found out that she is pregnant. She’s excited, but nervous. Should I eat more? Exercise? See my doctor?

It’s normal to think about these things.

Seeing your doctor during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy improves your chances of having a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

After your first visit, you should see your doctor once a month for the first 6 months, once every 2 weeks in months 7 and 8, and once every week in your last month of pregnancy, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Follow these tips to help ease your mind, and visit Bright Start®, the Keystone First program for pregnant women.

1st month pregnancy tips (PDF) – Cut out all bad habits, including smoking, drinking and drugs. Don’t even take aspirin. You may have morning sickness, but that will go away. Visit your doctor and ask about taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid.

2nd month pregnancy tips (PDF) – You may have mood swings and headaches. This is normal. You will probably be going to the bathroom more often. Visit your doctor to talk about what is happening to your body.

3rd month pregnancy tips (PDF) – You may start feeling constipated, getting heartburn and craving certain foods. Visit your doctor to discuss these changes.

4th month pregnancy tips (PDF) – Your legs may ache as your baby grows. You may be able to feel the baby move. See your doctor and talk about tests and screenings you should have.

5th month pregnancy tips (PDF) – Your gums may start to swell and bleed, so see your dentist. You might feel sharp pains in your belly or groin, but they should go away. Call your doctor for your monthly checkup and to discuss any concerns.

6th month pregnancy tips (PDF) – Your hips may feel wobbly, legs may cramp, and back might hurt. This is all normal. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Visit your doctor and talk about what is happening.

7th month pregnancy tips (PDF) – You will continue to get bigger as your baby grows. You will be more tired, so get a lot of rest. Pay attention to how your baby is moving, and visit your doctor to talk about it.

8th month pregnancy tips (PDF) – Plan your trip to and from the hospital. Prepare your baby’s sleep area, and get  baby clothes and an infant car seat. Choose a pediatrician (a children’s doctor) for your baby. Visit your own doctor to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

9th month pregnancy tips (PDF) – The big day will soon arrive. Track your contractions. Be ready. If your water breaks, call your doctor. Congratulations, you will soon be a new mom.

You are now a new mom. Visit our Postpartum Care Center to learn how to be a healthy mom so you are able to care for your baby.