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Asthma Care Center

Resources for you

Let Us Know Program

If you have a member who is an uncontrolled asthmatic, has trouble adhering to their asthma medication regimen, or had several trips to the emergency room for asthma control, please Let Us Know. Any barrier a patient/member may experience in their effort to gain control of their asthma symptoms (language barriers, lack of transportation to appointments, etc.) may be reported to us through the Let Us Know program, so that our Case Management department can lend a hand to both your office staff and the member.

Clinical resources

Search “asthma” in our clinical resources to view current professional standards that our Providers can use as a guide in the treatment of our members.

Additional Provider Resources

The Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership is dedicated to improving the health status and quality of life of Pennsylvania residents affected by asthma. This site offers a wealth of information and resources dedicated to the management of asthma.

The American Lung Association offers asthma resources for health professionals, including asthma data and statistics, strategies for addressing asthma, and professional tools.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides links to other government departments, agencies, and U.S. organizations that provide information and resources about asthma.

The National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute provides easy-to-read guides, like So You Have Asthma, Asthma Action Plans, Asthma Tip Sheets and more to help patients learn about the latest information on asthma management.

HEDIS Requirements

You play a central role in promoting the health of our members. This is reflected in our HEDIS scores. You and your office staff can help facilitate the HEDIS data collection process by:

  • Providing the appropriate care within the designated timeframes.
  • Documenting all care in the member’s medical record.
  • Accurately coding all claims.
  • Responding to our requests for medical records within 5 business days.

Learn more with HEDIS® 101 for Providers (PDF).