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Diabetes Care Center

Member community outreach events

Engaging members in their own communities is the most meaningful way to promote healthier outcomes. Our interactive community events provide easy access to the screenings and exams that members need to help manage their diabetes. Please print the community events calendar (PDF) and share with members.

Our community outreach programs that target members with diabetes and hypertension include:

  • Member engagement events: Health screenings that include HbA1c and eye exams, nutrition and wellness activities and education.
  • Praise Is the Cure: Targets members with diabetes and hypertension by providing health screenings, including HbA1c and eye exams.
  • American Diabetes Association's "What Can I Eat?" program: A four-week nutrition program for members with Type II diabetes.
  • Fare & Square Partnership: Screenings include HbA1c and eye exams. Offered in the city of Chester at Fare & Square, the nation’s first nonprofit grocery store, which is managed by Philabundance.

If you have a group of members who would benefit from these services but need a more convenient location, please call Teda Brooker at 1-215-863-5296.