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Postpartum Care Center

Programs for members

Effective postpartum care should be a collaborative effort between you and the new mother. With that in mind, we developed member-focused programs to enhance postpartum care. We encourage you to share these programs with members:

Bright Start®

The Bright Start maternity program’s dedicated staff of care managers, doulas and community advocates continue to provide support and facilitate services to participants through the eight week postpartum period. They support your plan of care by addressing common issues, such as postpartum depression identification, education and intervention.

Through the Bright Start Program, members can arrange assistance with transportation and/or coordinating appointments by calling 1-800-521-686.

Bright Start also offers nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide health-related information to members when you are not available. Members can call the Keystone First Nurse Call Line at 1-866-431-1514.

Our program goal is to support you in identifying postpartum depression and provide education and intervention.

Well-woman visits

Keystone First allows members to visit with some specialty doctors without calling their PCP first. We can even help members set up appointments with doctors who specialize in women’s health.

We call visits to these doctors well-woman visits. Like postpartum care, we make sure our members understand that these visits are vital to their health. We tell our members to use these visits to ask you questions specific to women. We make sure our women members know this is the time when you will check them for diseases or conditions for which they may be at risk, like breast cancer or cervical cancer.

Help our members schedule well-woman visits at least once a year. When they visit your office, encourage questions and explain both your intentions and results clearly.

Learn more about well-woman visits.

Woman, Infants, Children (WIC) nutrition program

The federal Woman, Infants, Children (WIC) nutrition program can help women to find the right foods for themselves and their baby. The program is designed to teach new moms the importance of good nutrition. Some women and children may qualify for food packages that meet their special nutritional needs.

To learn more, call your local WIC office.

Text4Baby Program

Text4Baby is a free service that sends 3 messages a week to a member’s cell phone with healthy tips until the baby is 1 year old.

Learn more about Text4baby.