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Electronic funds transfer (EFT) FAQ

What is EFT?

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is a method used to transfer funds from one bank account to another bank account, eliminating the use of paper checks. It is widely used by all of the largest banks and corporations because it is more efficient and secure than payment by paper checks.

What are the benefits of EFT?

EFT is a completely secure way to get paid. It results in funds reaching your bank account 3-7 days faster than paper checks through the mail, and it eliminates the need to make a trip to the bank to deposit your check(s).

Are there any restrictions?

If your bank or financial institution is not located within the United States, you are not eligible for electronic transfer of your payments into your account. In addition, your bank must have an ABA routing number.

Why must my financial institution be in the United States?

Keystone First can only disburse payments using U.S. dollars, and the systems we use are only set up to handle payments within the U.S.

Are there any financial institutions that cannot accept EFT?

All U.S. financial institutions with an ABA routing number can accept EFT.

Do I need to notify my bank or financial institution to arrange for EFT?

No. Once you have completed your online enrollment form, Change Healthcare will arrange EFT with your bank and transfer the funds.

Will my financial institution charge me for EFT deposits?

Most banks do not charge for EFT deposits, but you may want to contact your bank to make sure. Keystone First and its bank will not impose any fees for EFT.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a type of deception designed to steal your identity. In a phishing scam, a person tries to get information such as passwords, account information, or other personal information from you by convincing you to give it to them under false pretenses. Phishing schemes usually come from spam email or pop-up windows.

What can I do to prevent phishing scams?

  • Never respond to requests for personal information via email.
  • Visit websites by typing the URL into your Internet address bar.
  • Check to make sure the website is using encryption.
  • Routinely review your banking statements.
  • Report suspected abuses to the proper authorities.

What information is required to enroll in the EFT program?

  1. Bank name and address
  2. Bank account type (example: checking or savings)
  3. Nine-digit routing/ABA number
  4. Full account number with leading zeros if necessary
  5. Primary account holder name
  6. Tax ID# of account holder
  7. Payee ID (on your current remittance advice)
  8. The last two Keystone First remittances, including cover sheet and payment amounts

How do I enroll in EFT?

Log on directly or follow the EFT link from the Keystone First Provider Center or call Change Healthcare at 1-877-363-3666.

What is an ABA routing number?

This is a nine-digit number established by the American Bankers Association with accredited banks and financial institutions. See sample check below.

How do I find my routing number and account number?

The easiest way to find these numbers is to look at the bottom of a check from your bank. You may also contact your bank or financial institution for this information. See sample check below.

EFT sample check

What do I need to do if my bank account information changes?

It is critical that you maintain current and accurate information on your Keystone First EFT account. To change your banking information, visit Change Healthcare, choose the Payment Management option from the Product Shortcuts drop-down menu. Click the Login button and then select Payment Manager from the menu along the left margin. You will be brought to the Account Login screen where you will log in to your secure account. From there you will see instructions for changing your banking information.

What if there is a problem making a payment using EFT?

Most problems will be handled directly between Keystone First and your bank. However, in cases where you notice a problem, please contact our Provider Services department at 1-800-521-6007.

If I sign up for EFT, can I change back to paper checks?

Yes. Simply log into Change Healthcare. Enter your username and password. Once logged in, navigate to Electronic Funds Transfer product and enter the deactivation date you wish your EFT service to stop. If you have any questions or need assistance call 1-877-363-3666.

Is it true that if I sign up for EFT, I will no longer receive a paper remittance advice?

Yes. Once you sign up for EFT, your paper remittance advice will stop in 90 days. You can always view your remittances online in the Change Healthcare website, which features enhanced search capabilities. Change Healthcare's Payment Manager offers user-friendly, Web-based tools for viewing electronic and paper remittances and payments, and is also a centralized location for storage and retrieval of remittances and payment data. Get more information about this exciting new service.

Will EFT have any impact to my current 835 process?

No, signing up for EFT will not impact the electronic remittance advice you are currently receiving from your EDI vendor.

My practice has more than 15 practitioners. Will I still be able to sign up for EFT online?

No, Change Healthcare's online EFT registration is for practices with less than 15 practitioners. If your practice has 15 or more practitioners, you need to contact Change Healthcare to speak with a representative. Call 1-877-363-3666.

My practice has more than one bank account. How will Change Healthcare be able to tell which bank account to use?

Change Healthcare is able to differentiate, and can send your payments to different bank accounts. You need to contact Change Healthcare to speak with a representative. Call 1-877-363-3666.

I contract with Keystone First and AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania. How is my EFT handled?

If you are one of the health care providers who contracts with both Keystone First and AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania health plans, you must register to receive EFT for both of your AmeriHealth Caritas health plans. If you receive EFT for one AmeriHealth Caritas health plan and you do not sign up for EFT for your other AmeriHealth Caritas health plans, electronic payment will revert to paper checks.

How can I contact Change Healthcare for personal assistance?

For personalized customer service, call 1-877-363-3666.