Web-based service for submission of prior authorization requests

JIVATM offers prior authorization and admission-related functions through the Keystone First provider portal, NaviNet. Via your single login to Keystone First's Plan Central page on NaviNet, you will be able to access Jiva, enabling you to:

  • Request inpatient, outpatient, home care, and DME services
  • Submit extension of service requests
  • Request prior authorization
  • Verify elective admission authorization status
  • Receive admission notifications and view authorization history
  • Submit clinical review for auto approval of requests for services 

JIVA will be accessible only through Keystone First's NaviNet Plan Central page. Therefore, to utilize Jiva's functions, you must be a registered NaviNet user.

If you are not already a NaviNet user, it is very simple to start the process. Log on to NaviNet to register, or call 1-888-482-8057 to speak to NaviNet customer service.

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