Healthy Families, Safe Communities

Keystone First. Putting safety first.

Together, Keystone First and our providers are committed to advocating health and safety in the communities we serve.  We designed Healthy Families, Safe Communities as a resource center for members.

We want our members to talk with their trusted doctors to impact health, safety and well-being. Candid discussion with your doctor about these health and safety issues will help protect you and your families.

Keystone First wants to help you start tackling these issues. 

Gun safety

Are your children curious? Have you talked about gun safety with your child? You don’t need to own a gun to talk about gun safety.

Read more about Gun Safety

Teen dating violence

Dating should be a good thing, right? Yes, but sometimes it isn’t quite right. Abuse can happen in many ways. It can happen in serious relationships or in casual hook-ups.

Read more about Teen Dating Safety


Kids can be mean. How do you know when it is bullying? What to do when it is? This behavior is never OK. Read more about Bullying

Medicine safety

Just because a doctor prescribed a drug or medicine doesn’t mean it’s OK for anyone to take at any time. Taking a medicine in a way it isn’t meant to be taken is drug abuse.

Read more about Medicine safety

Food insecurity

Have you worried you would run out of food before you have money to buy more? Did the food you bought not last long enough and you didn’t have money to buy more?

Read more about Food insecurity