The Bright Start Program for Pregnant Members

Bright Start

The Bright Start® program is a focused collaboration designed to improve prenatal care for pregnant members by promoting healthy behaviors and controlling risk factors during pregnancy, with the ultimate outcome of our members delivering health, full-term infants who will have a bright start in their new life.

Program goals:

  • Early identification of pregnant members
  • Early and continual intervention throughout pregnancy
  • Facilitate access to needed services and resources
    • Dental screening
    • Behavioral health screenings
  • Build collaborative relationships with community-based agencies that specialize in services for maternal-child health
  • Provision of programs designed to encourage members to seek care and follow prenatal protocol

Case managers play a hands-on role, as necessary, in coordinating and facilitating care with the members' physicians and home health care agencies. They also outreach to ensure member follow-up with medical appointments, identify potential barriers to getting care, and encourage appropriate prenatal behavior.

Members enrolled in the Bright Start program receive a variety of interventions depending upon the assessed risk of their pregnancy.

  • Low-risk members receive educational material about pregnancy, preparing for delivery, and how to access a case manager for any questions/issues.
  • Low-risk members also receive an outreach call after delivery to complete a post-partum survey.
  • High-risk members receive case management interventions by a case manager.

For more information requests and/ or to refer members to the Bright Start program call 1-800-521-6867.

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