Keystone First supports DHS domestic violence education initiative

Keystone First will be participating in an ongoing collaborative domestic violence education program with the Department of Human Services (DHS) and other HealthChoices managed care organizations with a goal of:

  • Raising awareness of domestic violence among the general population
  • Improving the provision of information, resources and referrals to women in crisis
  • Educating and equipping physicians and their staff with the information needed to properly screen, identify and refer potential victims of domestic violence

In a recent statement Estelle B. Richman, the newly appointed Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, addressed the issue of domestic violence:

"Domestic violence affects families from all nationalities, races and socio-economic backgrounds. Its impact has both human and economic costs. These costs can be felt across generations as children who witness this brutality sometimes repeat the lessons they have learned."

She continued, "Perhaps what is most insidious about domestic violence is that it is so often kept in the home – hidden from those who could help. Yet, all of us have a duty to end the scourge of domestic violence, and the battle must begin with prevention.

Health care providers, in particular, can play a vital role in prevention through screening, counseling and referrals to support services. As such, DHS is committed to supporting education and training efforts that teach health professionals how to identify and treat survivors.

None of us can turn a blind eye in this battle. We owe it to the countless women suffering today, as well as their children, who can feel the pain across a lifetime."