Programs for Pregnant Members

Bright Start Program

Our high-risk pregnant members receive specialized care management from our Bright Start prenatal program. Bright Start care managers act as advocates and coaches for pregnant members throughout the pregnancy and into the postpartum period, coordinating both medical care and social services for women with high-risk pregnancies. Keystone First members deliver an average of 12,000 babies per year, and 50% of these pregnancies are considered high risk. The Bright Start program is designed to improve birth outcomes and reduce the incidence of pregnancy related complications through early prenatal education and intervention.

Community Baby Showers

As part of our effort to educate our pregnant members about the importance of regular prenatal care, Keystone First hosts baby shower events in underserved communities. These events encourage our high risk pregnant members to get connected to care managers from our Bright Start program, OB providers in their area, and community organizations that provide support and resources.

Participants receive dental screenings (a vital part of prenatal care) and information on a wide range of topics such as the importance of early and consistent prenatal care, proper nutrition, and recognizing the signs of perinatal depression and pre-term labor, all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Moms2B provides intensive care management to members who have previously delivered prematurely or have serious medical conditions. Moms2B is a maternity program that uses mobile technology to promote prenatal and postpartum care to reduce the incidence of premature and low-weight births. By using the most current media technology to engage and educate pregnant members, the program increases prenatal care visits, postpartum check-ups and well care office visits for infants. Care managers provide high-risk moms-to-be with transportation to appointments, and cell phones that allow expectant mothers to keep in contact with their doctors.