Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Keystone First is now covering at-home COVID-19 test kits (test kits) for our Members. Below is information to help you understand how to get test kits, and how to receive payment (reimbursement) for kits you already bought.

If you have any questions about this information, please call Member Services at 1-800-521-6860, or TTY at 1-800-684-5505. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What you need to know as a Keystone First Member

A. Getting your at-home COVID-19 test kits (test kits):

Not all are covered, but many test kits are covered. The Pharmacy can help you with which test kits are covered by Keystone First.

You will not need a prescription unless your Pharmacy requires you to have one. Please talk with your Pharmacy.

There is not a copay for the test kits that Keystone First covers (pays for). Keystone First will pay for them and there is no cost to you.

Each Member of Keystone First can get up to 8 tests every 30 days. The number of test kits depends on how many tests are in one kit box.
Example 1:
If one kit has 2 tests in it, then you can get up to 4 of those kits in a 30 day period.  
Example 2:
If one kit has 1 test in it, then you can get 8 of those kits in a 30 day period.

Yes, each Member of Keystone First can get up to 8 tests every 30 days.

You must get your test kits from a Keystone First network Pharmacy. You can find the network Pharmacy closest to you on our Keystone First Pharmacy Directory page.

No. Keystone First cannot cover (pay for) test kits from an online store.

Process to get your COVID-19 test kits:

  • Find a Pharmacy that is in the Keystone First network. Go to the Keystone First Pharmacy directory page to find a network Pharmacy near you.
  • Follow the Pharmacy’s instructions of where to check out (for example, at the Pharmacy counter or the retail counter).
    PLEASE NOTE: You will need to show the ID Card for each Keystone First Member in your family you are getting kits for. For example, if you are getting your maximum 8 tests, and you want to get the maximum 8 tests for your child, you will need to show your ID Card and your child's ID Card at the Pharmacy.

B. If you already bought and paid for COVID-19 test kits:

You can get money back (be reimbursed), for up to 8 tests purchased per Member in a 30-day period, if:

  • you bought your test kit(s) between August 30, 2021 and February 13, 2022, and
  • you were a Member of Keystone First on the date you bought the test kit(s), and
  • you have your receipts and necessary documentation.

For information about how to request your money back (for reimbursement), go to the reimbursement for medicine page on the Keystone First website.

All requests for payment of test kits (reimbursement) need to go through the reimbursement for medicine process, as outlined on the Keystone First website. Each request is reviewed for payment (reimbursement). If approved, please allow at least 6-8 weeks for your payment to be received.

Most of the test kits that are approved by the FDA or approved under the Emergency Use Authorization are covered when all of the requirements in Question/Answer 1B are met. Please put your request through the reimbursement for medicine process. We will let you know if it is not covered.

Test kit(s) bought between August 30, 2021 and February 13, 2022 are eligible for reimbursement. Please see Question/Answer 1B for what is required.

If all of the requirements in Question/Answer 1B are met, please see the reimbursement for medicine page on the Keystone First website for information about how you will be paid (reimbursed). PLEASE NOTE: All of the requirements in Question/Answer 1B must be met before Keystone First can approve your payment (reimbursement).

You can find this information on the reimbursement for medicine page of the Keystone First website.

No. The test kit(s) must have been bought on or after August 30, 2021, and not after February 13, 2022.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) website to learn more about the illness and how to help stop its spread. The CDC also offers information about coronavirus (COVID-19) in other languages and formats.

You can also visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) website for information specific to Pennsylvania, including information on how to get tested for COVID-19.


To help Members get the best care possible, Keystone First is currently covering telemedicine when offered by your doctor. Talk with your doctor about telemedicine options.

Refill of medicines

You may be able to get additional supply of certain maintenance medicines. Talk with your doctor or pharmacy. Also, ask your pharmacy about prescription delivery. Many pharmacies are now offering new delivery options due to COVID-19 concerns.

Dental care

If you need to see a dentist, please call the dentist you usually see. The dentist should be able to talk with you about how you can get care. 

If your dentist is closed, please be sure to listen to the entire message on the dentist’s voicemail. Most dentists are giving instructions on how you can reach them on the voicemail.