HIV/AIDS Program

Keystone First members with HIV/AIDS can join the HIV/AIDS program, a special program to help them manage their condition.

Call 1-800-573-4100 (TTY 711) or visit the member portal today to join the HIV/AIDS program.

What can the HIV/AIDS program do for me?

Once you enroll in the program, you will be assigned a care manager. Your care manager can:

  • Help you and your PCP/specialist coordinate your health care.
  • Help you find providers who can meet your needs.
  • Work with the local AIDS service organizations. They can help you make sure you get medical services you need.
  • Be your contact at Keystone First.

The HIV/AIDS program offers help to any member who tells us about their HIV status. Information about your medical condition is kept confidential. If you choose not to tell us about the status of your HIV, you can still get general care to help you manage your condition through our Care Management department.

Join the HIV/AIDS program today

To join the HIV/AIDS program, please call 1-800-573-4100 (TTY 711).

Or, you can log in to the member portal and go to Enroll in a Special Program.


If you are a part of but no longer want to be in the HIV/AIDS program, call 1-800-573-4100 (TTY 711). Leaving the program will not change your benefits. It will also not change the way Keystone First or the Department of Human Services (DHS) treats you.