HIV/AIDS - Pathways

HIV/AIDS is an illness caused by a virus that weakens your immune system. When you have HIV/AIDS, your body has a hard time fighting infections.

The Keystone First Pathways program offers help to any member who tells us about their HIV status. Information about your medical condition is kept confidential. Please call Member Services at 1-800-521-6860 to find out how to enroll in the Pathways program.

Once you enroll in the program, your Pathways care manager will:

  • Help you and your PCP/specialist coordinate your health care
  • Help you to find providers who can meet your special needs
  • Work with the local AIDS service organization to help you make sure you get the necessary medical services you are entitled to get
  • Be your contact at Keystone First

If you choose not to tell us about the status of your HIV, you can still get general care through the Keystone First care management department.