Sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease, which means people with sickle cell anemia are born with it. When you have sickle cell anemia, some of the blood cells in your body are not a normal shape. Because of their irregular shape, these cells can block blood flow. This can cause pain. It may also cause infections and other complications.

If you are a member who suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia, call the Keystone First care management department to sign up for the program. The number is 1-800-573-4100. We want to help you live a healthy life. Call to speak to a care manager today.

The sickle cell anemia program will help you learn about:

  • Getting care
  • How to lessen pain
  • The danger of having a stroke
  • How important it is to get your shots (immunizations)

By learning about sickle cell anemia, your medicines and lifestyle, you can take steps to have less painful episodes and other complications.