Update on the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:

Keystone First and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) are in active discussions to update and extend our existing contract. CHOP is a valued partner, and we are hopeful that we will reach an agreement soon so we can continue this long-standing relationship. If you are a patient of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or its affiliated providers, you may have received a communication about this. 

As our discussions continue, you still have access to CHOP physicians, facilities and/or other affiliated providers.  There is nothing our Members need to do at this time.

If anything changes, Keystone First will send a letter to our affected Members, letting them know of the changes, how they can change providers, and how Keystone First can assist with the transition to another provider. 

Again, there is nothing our Members need to do at this time.

Keystone First Member Services: 1-800-521-6860 (TTY 1-800-684-5505)